Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Atlanta Dragway / PinUp Fantabulous

There aren't really enough words to describe the awesomeness that was this day. The pictures are worth 1000 of words on their own!


LiL Landy said...

I love your blog!!

Kait said...

So. Gorgeous.

Why did you do it...for fun, or what? Whatever it was, I'm jealous. You look awesome, and it looks like it was probably a ton of fun the whole time. Dude's a great photographer, too.

Robin, The Girl Wonder said...

I love all of them but the first one. The lighting makes it look like your face has been pasted on.

Ashley Marie said...

Robin, that's why he didn't post those on fbook or flickr. And we didn't take more in the car b/c the lighting would NOT cooperate. :) and it was FUCKING COLD.

totally proves you have a good eye! dude! I never would have noticed had I not been there to experience his frustration!

Nat said...

Wow, they look amazing and so much fun!!! :)