Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today it might snow...

This outfit? Ridiculously comfortable. This sweater is like a XL (or at least that's how it fits and I'm too f*in lazy to get up and check) and is FAR from flattering on me so I have to do what any girl would do: dress it up! Granted, I could go with the common (-ly disgraceful) 'oversized sweater meets tights' but alas, my Grammy insisted that I grow up with one thing: CLASS. and so be it, here it goes!

I love Georgia. Why? Because I got to wear a sweater bigger than any coat I have because it *might* snow WITH my favorite white peep toe pumps. PEEP TOE. Take that Michigan. I would have gotten my tootsie's all wet had it been 01/07/2005!

*special thanks to Sarah for finally handing over the mates to my favorite pair of black peep toe pumps! Btw, these were bought at Target. I have SCOURED the internet since my damn dog ate my black pair. They're seriously, no wait, SERIOUSLY the most COMFORTABLE heels on the face of the planet. For realsies.

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Sadie said...

Lol you are welcome! I love those shoes but alas, they do not fit me! I am destined to not wear heels due to my feet not being made properly.

I'll stick to boots and those anit-class tights till I'm 90 LOL!

p.s. Love the sweater jeans combo!