Sunday, January 3, 2010


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Here is Grant Beecher setting up with his assistant for the day, Laura.
The guy to the far left? Well, he owns the car. And we made his day today.

Here I am in the car waiting to be called. It was about 30 degrees and I was only allowed to wear my tank top and shorts so I got to 'hideaway' in the heat. I was wearing SOOO much makeup, but you couldn't really tell. My lips were painted over. She made them look bigger and better.

Here is a closeup of my hair. I looooved the curls! My hair and makeup was done by Erica of Pin Me Up Hair. She's absolutely amazing. Let me just tell you an amazing story.

* * * * *

I've blogged before about this site on Etsy called Dressed to Kill. I have stumbled in and out of a fascination for the Rockabilly scene. While I was sitting in Erica's bathroom she was explaining to Grant that she was going to be around a little longer than she planned because she was still trying to work production out for her clothing line (because it's cheaper to have it manufactured here than in New York, where she lives with her rockstar boyfriend). I asked her what company she worked for (after babbling about how AWESOME it was that she had worked for Calvin Klein). When she said that she owned and designed for Dressed to Kill I nearly fell over. I made a fool of myself gushing about how awesome her line was and how I love her pencil skirts. The world got so much smaller when she laughed and said, "Make sure you tell my dad that."

She was hella flattered. I was hella starstruck. How small of a world?

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Robin, The Girl Wonder said...

Do you know how excited I am to see these photos!!!!