Sunday, January 3, 2010

Daily Wear

I bought these jeans the day after Christmas at Kohl's. They're labelled Elle and fit me perfectly. I've never really been the girl in the tight ass jeans so these were especially appealing. If you notice, they're a bit loose in the thigh area but still hug my rear and waist. I know it may be a fashion faux pas, but screw it, I love how long these jeans are. They gather a bit at my ankles which lends a certain 'casualness' to my outfits that I am in constant search for (because I tend to overdress, a teensy tinsy bit).

LEFT: I want you to all take note, here I am in the first picture photographed in both jeans and technically a t shirt. A new rule of thumb for 2010 + for my outfits is that if it is vintage, significantly altered, or just f*ing amazing 't shirt' then it is hereby granted to be worn by me with jeans. I'm still wearing my heels though and totally over came the t shirt with these amazing vintage rhinestone earrings that were my great great grandmother Hyde's.

RIGHT: I went shopping yesterday! Lori and I walked around Athens yesterday on a very windy day that allowed me to daydream we were in Chicago or New York!. I'm wearing my skinny jeans, a black thermal, and a beautiful cardigan (I also picked up the day after Christmas at J Crew). Oh yes, AND HEELS. I have recently been fascinated with pictures of girls wearing loads of bracelets so I decided to open up my jar and fish out any bracelet that seemed to fit my mood for the day. I think I did a pretty damn good job. I have no idea where I picked them up from but the first is a pink/silver rhinestone bracelet and the rest are sparkly glitter bracelets of all different colors mixed in with a few silver skinny bangles.

*New Readers: My Grammy once enforced upon my dating years very important rules. I still haven't been able to allow myself out of the state of mind. You can find a list of those rules mixed in with a few new ones to the right. --->


Robin, The Girl Wonder said...

I've said it before, you are beautiful in anything you wear. You could rock a gunny sack & it would be fabulous!

Kait said...

I love those jeans! I've been looking for something along those lines, but I get the feeling I won't look as awesome in them. :)

Meg said...

Both outfits and really cute!