Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Just Mare on Etsy
For some reason the mug reminds me of the mug I stole from my father's apartment after he died. I appreciate the handcrafted nature of this one as much as he did the handcrafted nature of his own he used every morning.
I would really very much so like to have a mug of my own. How great would it be to have a mug that is so beautiful and so... sooo... sooooo *sigh*. I am a little more comfortable than I was a moment ago. You know the feeling of sitting with a nice hot cup of coffee in front of a big window watching the Earth wake up? Comfortable like that.
Etsy is doing a story right now that you can read here. I really like Mary already. Her quoted quote is one of my new favorites. It's spoken so much more eliquently than the rambling explanation of why I want Aiden's art to be nurtured from home via homeschool instead of stripped away by public school forced conformity.
"I subscribe to Picasso’s sentiment that, “every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”" -Mary Lavan


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I was just looking at her work the other day. I liked the honey pot.

georgia b. said...

so adorable!

by JOS said...

these are great! thank you for the share!