Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How about reading between the lines? Or just reading the lines would be okay...

I feel as though I have led people to believe that I am, in fact, not a supporter of our newest Mr. President. Time to clear some things that I thought I have made quite obvious up.

For one, I respect Barack Obama and the decisions he will be making regarding our countries future UNLIKE MOST PEOPLE WHO STILL HATE OUR LAST PRESIDENT and freakin had the audacity to boo him at the inauguration. I feel as our President who was fairly voted into the office, I must set aside whatever differences I have with him and support him. What about that whole saying "Divided we fall"?

I am excited about the change. Like the popularity vote I am thrilled there is someone who just reeks of change. Like the minority (as I have discovered) I am a bit skeptical about the success of such promises. I guess I AM just a person who doesn't like to get her hopes up and then get crushed horribly when my faith is ripped from my soul. Call me gaurded. Atleast people don't hear me whine for years about it.

Does that help you put my views in order?


Sadie said...

I need more clarification please! The lines are slightly fuzzy.

Robby said...

I hope you know that my blog was not directed at you, though I will admit I must have in the heat of the moment read your blog wrong and for that I am sorry.

I am just someone who when they believe in something they believe in it with the passion of a thousands suns and im also very stubborn which you know.

So here I am a tired groggy democrat, reaching across the isle to say I am sorry.