Monday, January 19, 2009

Bitch Moment

Barack Obama will be inaugarated tomorrow. ‘Congratulations’ is in order, but why is this election so much more important than all of the others?

Oh. “Because he is ‘African-American’” You say.

Congratulations you racist. Congratulations on taking an honest endeavor by an American man and associating it with race. This man will never be given credit for the accomplishments he could and probably will accomplish naturally because his actions will always be applauded because of his black handicap, which you and much of the American people are encouraging!

We should congratulate him because is about to become our 44th President. The highest held office within the United States of America’s government. We should be amazed and acknowledge his ability to be elected with so little experience rather than we should that he’s black. Or is that the way things work now? Regardless of talent, ability, or a sheer “because he earned it” we are going to pat him on the back for being black. Oh, wait, I’m sorry. Quarter black.

Ignorance will be celebrated tomorrow. I’m ashamed to be American for the first time in my life. I wonder what every other country in the World thinks of this.


Sadie said...

Good thoughts!

I think the reason its more of an "accomplishment" is because of how things are still viewed in this country.

All though racism is smaller then it was in our grandparents day, it's still around.

The stigma that if you are black you must act this way is still floating around in the community and there are still people who wish to keep them down.

Obama even wanting to run is an accomplishment for them because as far as I know, no other black man has ever run, with experience or not.

Most that become something are chastised as being "white" and not wanting to get back to there "roots."

I'm hoping that he breaks the stereotype and actually fixes a lot of views about what it is to be a "black" man or even a man in general.

His winning isn't really about the color of his skin or this or that, it's really about the fact that we, as a country, have come so far AGAINST racism that was so eminent just 20 and 30 years ago.

20 and 30 years isn't even a life time so that is what should be celebrated more so then the fact that he's black and got in office.

I don't know how the rest of the world will view us, be it good or bad, it doesn't really matter.

I just wish people would shut the fuck up with the damn jokes.

Robin, The Girl Wonder said...

This is basically the same argument I had for Heath Ledger's Joker performance. Except it wasn't His color shall overshadow his achievements it was no one will bad mouth Heath's performance because hes dead... but I digress...

I don't care what color this man's skin is, just do a good job, don't get us blown up, and bring just a little integrity back to America. Is that too much to ask?

Meh... what do I really care. I'm moving to Canada.

Sadie said...

Lol @ Robin. Heath did a great job though!