Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cavortress Part 1 & 2

Part 1: Am I Dreaming?

Oh. My. Goooooood. God. 

I was chosen to be in the Cavortress Fashion Show as a runway model! I can not believe it. I'm so excited. There is no sense to be made of my brain. Just words. Lots of babbling. Like now. Holy crap!? Can you believe it!?

I'm extremely lucky.

Part 2: If only I had a picture.

Robin, I can't believe that we didn't take one single picture. So Part 2 is where Robin and I get into my car at 3:30 PM on Monday March 1 and drive our happy little asses all the way to Charleston, 4 hours away. I went to meet Julie (the Cavortress owner/designer) and try on her line of clothing to see which she would have me wear in the show. I was flattered to death to get to put on each outfit. As it turns out, Julie is freakin amazing and is helping set me up with a few photographers in Charleston (that I might be shooting with next week) and maybe even an agency. She was atleast nice enough to forward my information. What a dollface, eh?! It's nice to have strangers like you.

Anyway, I want to give an especially huge HUG and KISS to Robin for being freakin fantastic and keeping me company on our long ass journey to and fro Charleston. You'll be the first I call every time.


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Robin, The Girl Wonder said...

You are completely welcome!!! I would do it anytime!!