Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jon Ruby Photoshoot



copyright Jon Ruby

What an amazing opportunity. My first response to a casting call was fantastic. I hope I'm this lucky all of time! I met Jon Ruby in Atlanta at his apartment where his friend showed up to PAINT ON ME. His friend CINCO (alias, duh) is actually an accomplished graffiti artist in Atlanta, GA who has been doing some body painting lately. Anyway, I spent at least 2 hours lying in the couch while he drew on me! Brandon and I still think back to it as a dream. The situation was so unreal to us having never really experienced meetings like these before. We sat (well, they sat) and chatted (both guys are ridiculously pleasant to be around. would love to be great friends with either) and watched Food Network's live replay of Man vs Food The 48 oz Steak. Afterwards, we drove to this amazing location and shot the above photos. I had a really good time and feel as though I gained a butt load of experience. Jon was extremeley professional, and my favorite kind of photographer, the kind that act as a director. He was able to get such amazing shots because he knew exactly what I needed to tweek in my stance to get the best pose. ***SOAPBOX WARNING I hate it when photographers leave everything up to the model as far as how to make the shot look good. Why? I can only do so much, AND I CAN'T SEE WHAT YOU SEE! I def appreciate the direction!*** Anyway, I love these pictures the most because they make me think that maybe I can do this. I'm no supermodel, but I can definitely get away with doing some alternative modeling as a hobby!

BTW: Can you read the word? I heard that a sign of a good graffiti artist is one whose writing is less legible and more artistic. In that case, I think he's amazing bc I know what it says and still can't read it. :)

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Robin, The Girl Wonder said...

I hope I give you good direction!!! These are awesome! I can't read the word but I never can. LOL!