Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Robby,

In the beginning, it was us. Our friendship was born from a love of all things glamorous! A love of fashion, food, drink, and couture brought us together for faux-snobbery conversations about all of the people we hate (only because we envy them so). It is rather unfortunate that I fell off the wagon for a few years and left you to yourself. Without anyone to hold me accountable for my dreadful mommy wear I was left to my own devices to regain the strentgh to tackle being fashionforward once again. I am, however, eternally grateful for all of you support. You have been so kind in the last few months... smiling and nodding to me when I emerged from my dressing room successfully.

I miss you. I would like to embark on a journey with you. Screw the fact that our budgets won't allow $1000 dollar outfits, I say our penny-wise fashion deserves to be congratulated and admired! I say that we take on a challenge amongst ourselves to be the two who celebrate budget friendly 'couture'. What do you say?

I think we should discuss this over drinks. Say, Aroma's? Friday night? I'll bring my camera and we'll spend all night in the streets of Athens photographing those who we decide worthy of our blog. Oops! Did I say that outloud? Shhhhh.


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