Tuesday, January 27, 2009


He just spoke those words on a REAL television show. Because he just doesn't give a sh*t you see.

I love Anthony Bourdain. I wish I were him...to a certain extent. I would adore the traveling, the food, the ability to speak my mind, the fact that people still like me despite all of those things...

Wait, they do. Then I guess I just was as cool. Oh wait, my husband is.

You know why I like Anthony Bordain? Because together my husband and I share a lot of the qualities we like in him.

Oh wow. I just saw Aiden's future flash before my eyes... could he be the next Anthony Bourdain?

Forgive the incoherent blog...it's past my bedtime. As Sarah just informed me...

1 comment:

Sadie said...

Lmao, I bet Aiden will be more handsome.