Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Good Ol Days

So it has come to pass that another fall has come to us. We turned on the heat for the first time this morning and as I stepped out of the shower I just stood and breathed for a moment. I love the smell of the heater as it warms up the chill air after such a long summer. So far, things are going my way this year. It's the third quarter and I am far from down on the count.

This year began well, with time off work and nothing better to do than wait for Sarah to call all morning. I was able to throw myself into being a mother, houseowner, and wife without jeopardizing my personality. I am thankful I had someone to keep me straight and encourage my personality to be reborn after such a patchy previous year.

Summer was long and hot. What better way in Georgia? I have grown to appreciate my surroundings since I have actually been able to immerse myself in them. I find I am much like my father in that way. He lived by the lake for nearly 10 years and not one day passed that his foot left the pedal as his gaze settled on the beauty of the M-22 drive from Traverse City to Leelanau.

It's frigid now. A slow teeter on the see-saw between fall and winter. Summer just gave one last shot this week with highs in the 80's. Not unusual but always surprising! We have resumed stake on our 'porch'. Robby and I made the realization that when you come up the hill toward our house the porch lights peek out from the corners and it looks as though stage lights have been placed. I think that this is wonderful imagery as there is nothing short of a play that is performed no matter the company. Each of our friends seem to be strategically picked and placed to play parts that only they understand. It's amusing to watch it all come together so flawlessly. Drama and comedy pitter patter through the air with such grace.

These are our new good ol days since they will be the ones that we look back on next year. Next year when things have changed and people have moved. With the exception of course, of Brandon and me. We'll always be the ones that people come back to. We are okay with that. We look forward to it.


Sadie said...

Just be glad people are coming back for you and not leaving BECAUSE of you.

Ashley Marie said...

'just be glad' implys that i was meaning a negative emotion... this blog shouldn't sound down at all. i am very pleased at the moment...tis all

Ribbon said...

I miss you guys.