Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Presenting: THE WAY WE WEAR (so cute!)

Alright! So here you have it. The BEST ETSY SELLER for vintage aprons... EVER. So, you know how I was so going to open my own apron shop because not only do I collect aprons, but I bet I could design them? Well, surprised as you may be to find out, I didn't do it. How's that for finishing what I started, eh? Regardless, check this chick out! After a brief convo with Shauna via Etsy mail, she has been working over a year to sew stock for the store and if I do say so myself (again) she has done a beautiful job! So on that note, I know atleast one of you were planning on buying me another apron for Christmas or my of these three would suit me just fine! P.S. Make sure you KEEP going to her site, soon she may be listing vintage fashions from the 20's & 40's.


Sadie said...

You have to start something darling to finish just had the idea.

Ashley Marie said...

great point. :D noted!