Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chain of Command

firework, originally uploaded by amdefoor.

This picture makes me think. And when I think, my mind wanders and creates truths that only make sense to me. You see this girl in the white? Her name is Sarah. I love Sarah. I am to her left. See the boy? Matthew. He is to her right.

This is the way things have become. I wonder if it speaks truth. I .think. that the public eye creates an order where people are placed within a 'chain of command' so to speak and then rearranged as necessary when the opportunity presents itself.

I think that this logic is why this photo is one of my favorites.


Sarah said...

That would work, but you are more important to me in ways that Matthew can not be and vis versa...so you both have to be beside me for the truth to work out.

Ribbon said...

Some how it all makes sense.