Friday, September 19, 2008

No Paparazzi Please!

Aiden was just too cute for me not to grab my camera. This is a series of photographs that I took obviously against his will. Photo 1: As soon as I pointed the camera at him he climbed off his lion. Photo 2: He then sat back down and just started waving his hands as if to say "NO PAPARRAZI PLEASE!" Photo 3: And when I wouldn't give it up actually came to me and took the camera. Then he promptly went to my purse and put it inside. Mouthing at me the whole time how unhappy he was. I wish I had a video camera.


Yellow Rose said...

Hee, what a personality!

Guess who had lunch with me today. When I asked him where his bib was, he went straight to the cabinet I keep his stuff in.

Sadie said...

I love that little boy!!!

Ribbon said...

Bring him to the house!! I have some cute ideas for pictures of him!!